Tamerstar.com Discontinued 2006 - 2017

The website has been discontinued after 11 years of serving Tamer Hosny's fans.
When Tamerstar.com started on 2006, there were no online sources to get songs, videos, wallpapers, ring-tones, etc.. for Tamer Hosny and Tamer's team was not interested to invest time and effort on the Internet, so Tamerstar.com started to fill this gap.
While today anyone can contact Tamer directly on social media and listen, watch and download his music and videos online on Youtube and other services and material uploaded officially and exclusively by its creator with high quality, Tamerstar.com is not useful anymore for fans.
We thank you for using Tamerstar.com all these years. We also thank Tamer Hosny and we wish him best of luck in his career, we love you, Tamer.

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